My Mum and Me ... Operation Wedding

I remember ringing Mum from the hotel room in San Francisco like it was yesterday. The screams of delight on announcing our engagement resonated on the Golden Gate Bridge some 5 miles away. From that moment on, operation wedding swung into action and me and my Mum loved every single minute.

Straight off the plane from San Fran, diamond ring twinkling in the midday sun, I hot-footed it to Mum's to show off my rock and parade my gorgeous fiance. "Operation wedding" had begun.

First was the most important purchase, the dress. We probably visited every bridal boutique within a 50 mile radius of Cambridge - fabulous girlie trips filled with laughter, tuille and lots of "how much?" glances.  When I eventually tried on the "one", it was Mum's face that cemented my decision. "You look like a princess darling. Forget about the price tag, Dad doesn't have to know".

So began twelve glorious months of extreme mother-daughter bonding.  Hour-long phone calls from work to discuss the exact shade of her new Hobbs heels; hilarious bridesmaids fittings with copious amounts of fizz and numerous pub lunches musing over the table plan.  Me and Mum were in our element.

Yes, there were a few squabbles along the way, but early on I decided the best thing was to let it go (not easy when you are as headstrong and opinionated as me).  I know Mum was enjoying the planning as much as me and was fully aware that she felt a little like losing a daughter (albeit gaining a fabulous son-in-law).  And 15 years on when I look back at this time, I'll still say that strengthened our mother-daughter bond like never before.  

Happy Mother's Day from Wit and Wisdom. x