5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Music

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5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Music

While dancers, comedians, and magicians are among the wedding entertainment ideas to have grown in popularity in recent years, music is still by far the option chosen by the majority of newlyweds when it comes to getting the party started. Here’s five tips that will help you choose your wedding music and help you have a party you and your guests will never forget.

1.  Deciding Between a Band or a DJ

We’re not going to tell you which one you should choose. That will depend on your personal preference and on some of the additional tips that follow.

Consider the following when deciding whether you want a live band or a DJ:

  1. Does your wedding venue have house entertainment that you can book? Will this potentially save you money and ease any concerns you have about your wedding budget?
  2. Do you have a specific song you want playing for your first dance? Can you find a live band that can play the song?
  3. What equipment does the wedding venue have that your band or DJ can use? Do they have speakers or lighting rigs? Will you need to cover additional expenses for a band or DJ to bring more equipment to the venue?

Again, whether you choose a live band or a DJ will be up to you and what you prefer, but remember to speak with your venue and consider all options.

2. Are You Having a Themed Wedding?

Themed weddings are all the rage these days, and we’re not just talking about those where you see everyone dressed as their favourite character from Star Wars, either. When you book your wedding music, make sure that whether it’s a live band or a DJ that they’re able to deliver to fit your wedding theme. That means a 90’s inspired wedding should have an Oasis tribute act rather than a 50’s crooner, while a black or punk themed wedding wouldn’t be a good fit with a jazz quartet.

You can of course choose to go a little left field with your music, but in general it’s best to fit your wedding theme and make your whole day feel “as one.”

3. It’s Good to Talk

Please don’t just book a band or a DJ and wait to see what they’ll do when they turn up. It’s good to talk, so make sure you’ve had a discussion about your expectations around the songs you’d like to have played during your party. This might sound like an obvious point but we’ve heard so many stories of people booking bands or DJ’s and then being disappointed because they can’t play a specific track or have a particular record.

Bands and DJ’s want you to have a memorable day, too. They won’t fob you off by saying they can provide certain things if they can’t. Make sure ‘No Surprises’ becomes the mantra for your music planning and not just your favourite Radiohead song.

4.  Have the Experience

Crashing another wedding isn’t a great way to make friends, nor is it always a useful option when it comes to finding a wedding musician or a DJ. If you have the opportunity to experience an act you’re going to book before doing so, then by all means take it. If not, then that’s what YouTube is for!

5.  Get Recommendations

If searching YouTube or wider online isn’t filling you with inspiration, ask for recommendations on social media. If that doesn’t work you could even go to your local pub and ask for their suggestions. Go back to your wedding venue, too. They’ll probably know some of the musicians and DJ’s to have performed at recent weddings there and will likely be able to put you in touch with them.

Follow these tips to ensure you get the wedding music you deserve, whether it’s in the form of a live musician or band, or a DJ. Take care of this early and allow yourself to put your energy into the many other elements of your wedding planning!