Wedding Skin - Dr Louise Randall, Hebe Skin

Wedding Skin

This month's blog is written by Skin Specialist, Dr Louise Randall from Hebe Skin Clinic in Hitchin.  

"Hebe Skin will provide you with a holistic personalised service which aims to enhance your natural looks, restoring a more youthful appearance whatever your age. As fully trained medical practitioners, we feel strongly that the fundamentals underpinning our daily practice – professional approach, acting with integrity, confidentiality, evidence based clinical practice and up to date training – are readily transferable to cosmetic treatments. We will support you in identifying your concerns, discussing appropriate treatments and will provide personalised aftercare  following your treatment.

We are registered with the General Medical Council and provide a clinically safe relaxed environment." 

You’ve probably thought of everything for your wedding day – the dress, shoes, hair and make up. All eyes will be on you and your wedding day is up there as one of the most important days of your lives. However, have you considered your skincare regime to ensure you are at your glowing best? If not here’s a guide to what is available in the build up to your wedding.

Six months before

Your thirties is the time to start investing in good skin care regardless of whether you are getting married or not. Good skin care will improve the texture and clarity of the skin at the surface and stimulate the production of new collagen at the deeper level. Confused as to what is on the market? Book in for a skin consultation with someone who can advise you on what will suit your needs.

You may also want to consider a course of glycolic acid peels. Glycolic acid acts to exfoliate the skin on the surface revealing younger looking skin underneath and also increases the production of new collagen. Peels can be used as a treatment for acne, melasma (pigmented skin) and keratosis pilaris (a skin condition which causes that ‘chicken skin’ appearance). Best results are seen after a course of six peels spaced one month apart so consider this early on.

Three months before

If you are considering dermal fillers now would be a good time to think about these. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which attracts water so plumps out the skin. It is great for smoothing out lines at rest such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. They are also used to augment the lips for fuller, younger looking lips. Make sure you do your research - find a practitioner who has experience and is able to understand the look you are going for. All fillers are not equal and the choice of filler will depend on the desired result. Fillers typically last from six months to two years depending on where they are used so allow time for them to ‘settle’ before the big day.

One month before

Unless you are a model then you will never have been photographed so much as on your wedding day and it is likely you will be pulling all sorts of faces as you laugh, cry (with joy!) smile your way through the day. Wrinkle relaxing injections or Botox are great if you have areas of concern when pulling certain facial expressions. These include laughter, frown and forehead lines. They work by temporarily relaxing the muscle so the lines either soften or disappear completely. Again do your research and find an experienced practitioner who can address your needs. Be aware that it takes up to two full weeks to work and a top up may be needed so give yourself enough time to get the results you desire.


On the Day

The way to look your best on the day itself? Enjoy every moment of the day and smile because in the words of Marilyn Monroe

“life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about!”