The rise and rise of the Rustic Wedding

Every year there seems to be a new wedding trend, last year we loved the glitz and glamour of Gatsby and the move towards warm Mediterranean colours and decor.  But there's one theme that still reigns supreme: the rustic wedding. 

So why is this trend is still at No 1? 

  • Like it or not, we are heavily influenced by what we see in the media. Rustic themed weddings are splashed all over bridal magazines, wedding blogs and Pinterest.  Brides love the simplicity of this look - it's a fantastic theme to compliment a barn or marquee weddings. 
  • We also think the popularity of this theme can be traced back to the downturn in the economy, after all, its very cost-effective to dress your wedding with DIY elements such as home-made bunting and bric-a-brac finds. 
  • Rustic weddings pay homage to the good old days, a simpler existence, a sense of going back to our roots. The fact that guests can be involved, all adds to this sense of "family". We've worked on some beautiful events where Aunts and Cousins have pitched in creating favours and floral displays. 

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