Let them eat cake ...

According to The National Wedding show there are a number of cake trends to watch out for in 2016 ... some are extremely elaborate -  best you start searching for your "local" sugar-craft expert and/or Mary Berry! 

  • Ruffled Cakes – one of the trickiest designs for a cake decorator are ruffles. Sugar ruffles have an elegant look about them resembling the wedding gown in many cases and they suit all types of styles from country chic to avant-garde.
  •  Naked Cakes – believe it or not, naked cakes are still fashionable as we head into 2016 with many brides opting for the cake with no fondant. The rustic look reveals all in an au naturelle style.
  •  Metallic touches – Not only is a metallic look a hit with stationery but it’s also a favoured style with wedding cakes. From stylized glam to art-deco to the old-Hollywood look, metallic icing can add a very elegantly expensive look.
  •  Woodland Wedding Cakes – With ‘rustic’ being a carried-on theme into 2016, the woodland wedding cake is still a favourite. Usually white, the cakes are decorated with leaves and flowers as they sit on a tree trunk base surrounded by moss. This look really does suit rustic weddings, which is why the cake is such a hit.
  •  Flower Power Cakes – Rosettes are seriously trending as they follow the ruffled style. The daring design of a cake covered in edible roses looks impeccably delicate even though it’s very hard to master.
  •  Ombre Cakes – With the ombre effect recently being a big trend in hairstyles and nail designs over the past five years, the trend has taken to cakes. This has to be UKbride’s favourite design in the market at the moment.
  •  Illustrated Cakes – Cakes with painted-on patterns from the design on your invites to the quote from your first-dance song or even your wedding motif, like a bicycle or oak tree. This personal touch is great for cakes.