Top Tips for a Fab Xmas Party

Set the mood for your Christmas event with our festive ideas and top tips!   

  1. Be creative with your table decorations - its not just the food that is the centre of attention. Think simple, low flowers and atmospheric candles.  Even pots of herbs on the table that can be given away to your guests as a gift.
  2. Mulled wine is perfect for getting your guests in the mood when they enter your home or venue. The smell will transport them to a Dickensian Era!
  3. Plan your canapes with care - you don't want everyone stuffed for dinner. Think light and tasty morsels!
  4. Serve the majority of your food on platters that can be passed around. This is a great way for your guests to get to know each other.
  5. It's Christmas, so have some fun! Organise some games to get your guests mingling and letting their hair down.

And most importantly, make sure you are prepared for the morning after ... we like these hangover recipes from BBC Good Food!