Winter Weddings ... and why we love them

We love a Winter Wedding ... what can be more romantic than a sprinkling of snow, the sparkle of frost on the trees and a candlelit church (OK we won't mention the rain ... but you'll be indoors for most of the time anyway!)  Here the reasons why Winter Weddings get a big thumbs up from us:

  • PRO: It will be much easier booking venues and suppliers.  We know some venues that get booked up three years in advance during the peak summer months, causing many couples to settle for second-best or alternative options. The winter months are much quieter, and many venues and suppliers offer fantastic deals (leaving you more money to spend on your exotic honeymoon). 
  • PRO: Discounts. If your venues and suppliers are quiet from November to February you should be able to negotiate some great discounts. If you don't ask, you won't get!
  • PRO: Winter Styling and Themes. Arhhh the smell and ambiance of a roaring fire, the beautiful candlelit setting, Nordic Styling, a subtle nod to Xmas, rich berry reds ... need we go on. 
  • PRO: Exotic Honeymoon Locations. If you're getting married during the winter months there's a whole world of warmth waiting for you. The Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Australia and New Zealand are all basking in sunshine at this time of year. 


If you've had a winter wedding, we'd like to hear from you to feature on our new blog. Please email