Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue can be a headache - a stress that we know only too well from both a personal and business perspective! We are often asked by our couples for advice on venues, so hear are some "pearls of wisdom" gathered from our experience.

Type of Wedding

Communicate with your partner and family and decide on the type of wedding you want - festival, formal, vintage, ultra modern, beach ... the list is endless. Narrow your options and then start the search.

Date Set?

Check with venues if your date is available before you visit - this saves a wasted journey. Ask about availability mid-week, there are some great deals available during non-peak times.


Your venue choice will take a significant proportion of your budget. Phone or email venues before you visit them and ask about their wedding packages, get an idea of costs before you visit, then it won't be a wasted journey or lead to disappointment. We can't stress the importance of agreeing to and sticking to a budget - you'll thank us in the long run!

Civil ceremony or church service?

Decide what type of ceremony you want. If you have a civil ceremony, this may be able to take place at the venue. If you want a church service, choose a venue that is close by so transportation isn't an issue.

Guest Considerations?

You may love the remote, country venue tucked in the middle of nowhere but how will your guests get there? Are there places to stay nearby? Do you have any elderly or disabled guests, are there stairs they may not be able to manage? If you have a number of children attending, are there large outdoor areas they can let off some steam?

Go Incognito!

If you are looking at a hotel or restaurant to hold your wedding, book in for a meal or even pop in for coffee and cake to get a feel for how it operates on a day-to-day basis. You'll get a good idea on how it feels to be a "guest" at your venue.

Wedding Guest Numbers

Have a a rough idea on the number of guests - some venues have more than one function room that may be suitable for smaller or larger parties. In addition, some venues are very strict on guest numbers for civil ceremonies. Also think about the number of guests you'd like for the evening function.

Need Help?

We've worked with a number of venues in the past so are more than happt to pass on our knowledge. Also search for venues on local Wedding Directories and look at reviews of hotels and restaurants on TripAdvisor for ideas.